Bead Art

By far, the most common substance for making clay art jewelry at this time is polymer clay. This functional, tough acting compound is not really a clay in any way, but consists of plastic compound. It does not dry up, remaining pliable just before you treat it within your home oven, creating a permanent, resilient piece. The specific sturdiness of polymer-glued clay, together with its simplicity, causes it to become nicely suited for jewelry pieces. The specific broad choice of hues, textures and also finishes supplied could even allow you to develop clay bead jewelry collectively with pendants that are similar to gemstones, even glass or ceramics. Right here are some strategies to allow you to start creating stunning polymer clay jewelry pieces.


This modeling clay really should be labored and worked properly and softened just before you sculpt with it. The easiest strategy to achieve this can be as simple as splitting off a modest bit of clay and using the warmth from your palms, that heat will help soften the clay. Regarding bigger amounts of clay, numerous polymer clay users opt for a more compact size to use model the clay. You’ll need to work the polymer-glued clay until eventually it will become very soft and pliable and much easier to sculpt and create with.

Creating Beads

Clay bead jewelry could be fanciful and colorful, they can be complicated or unique. Make them just the way you choose! Anything goes when creating your own pieces from plastic clay.

The easiest beads are generated by simply moving some clay ideal into a ball in the palms of your hands, then you will poke an opening in the ball using a toothpick. It’s possible you’ll create beads of all shapes and sizes and even different degrees of smoothness. You should not be intimidated to be creative and imaginative. To help your beads hold their form while drying, you will be ready to hang them upon a stick or thick cable, and lay it aside on a flat sheet.

Creating Pendants

Here’s where your own creativeness can definitely soar. Have a little more freedom with jewelry when creating pendants, because they quite possibly can turn into bigger than drops, and tend to be the main focus of your jewelry piece. To create a flat personal shape for your pendants, make use of a spatula to flatten your pendant with your polymer glued clay, which tends to make it perfectly smooth with little work. Soon after you can cut out your preferred shapes collectively and embellish them any way you choose.

Finishing the Job

Immediately after you have created beads and pendants from polymer clay, you will have to finish them off as completed pieces. You can find many types of strings, wiring, clasps and jewelry supplies at any craft store and that will allow you to finish your hand-made product into all types of beautiful pieces of jewelry and much, much more. Enjoy this fun, relaxing craft!