How to Soften Brown Sugar with Several Different Methods

Knowing how to soften brown sugar can be an advantageous knowledge on your part – at least you won’t have to rush to the store to buy a new one. In reality, the brown sugar won’t harden if you store it properly. Unfortunately, most people won’t pay too much attention to the correct storage method so the brown sugar doesn’t stay fluffy or soft.

The main reason why the brown sugar becomes hard is because it has lost its natural moisture. When the moisture evaporates, the brown sugar turns into a dense lump. No need to worry, even in such a state, the brown sugar will remain safe to eat. However, you need to make it grainy and soft again if you want to accurately measure it.

Microwave Softening

how to soften brown sugar in the microwave

If you don’t have much time to spare, softening the brown sugar in the microwave can be the best option. Let’s say that you already in the middle of the baking process, and you only need to toss in the brown sugar. But since you didn’t check it first, you just find out that it is a hard lump now.

Well, make use of a microwave-safe bowl and place the brown sugar in it. Make a paper towel wet and then wring it so it should be lightly damp. Cover the bowl and then microwave it in 10 seconds time. The brown sugar should be crumbly again. By using a fork, poke it so the lump can be broken down. Repeat the process until the sugar is soft again. Be advised not to do it too long because the process can melt the sugar. And be extra careful when you are doing this method because the sugar may still be super hot.

Oven Softening

Is there any other alternatives on how to soften brown sugar? Use the oven. Preheat it up to around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. By using an oven-safe bowl, put the sugar in and then warm it. Don’t leave it because you need to constantly check it to make sure that the sugar is already crumbly. Use the fork to help you break the lump. This method will also make the sugar hot. Be careful.

Softening with Bread

This method is perfect if you have a lot of time. Use an airtight container and place a slice of bread in it – along with the lump of the sugar. Make sure that the bread is fresh. Leave it for a day and the sugar should be crumbly and soft again. It’s because the sugar has absorbed enough moisture from the accompanying bread. Remove the bread right away or it will become moldy.

Other Alternatives

how to soften brown sugar

If you don’t have bread, but you have an apple, you can imitate the method of using the bread to soften the sugar. The method is exactly the same – you only substitute the bread with the apple slice. Remember, you only need a slice and not an entire apple. Don’t forget to take the apple right away.

You can also use terra cotta saver and imitate the method with bread. Everything is exactly the same. But you need to soak the terra cotta first in water for 20 minutes so it has enough moisture. The greatest thing about this method is that the terra cotta has adorable shapes and forms. Now that you already know several ways of how to soften brown sugar, which one you like the most?

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