Keto Instant Pot recipes

Indian Keto Instant Pot Recipes Only with 15 Minutes Cooking Time

If you are going through Keto diet, then Keto Instant Pot recipes can be one of your options. A lot of people claim that going through the diet gives them a hard time in choosing and deciding which me...

sweet coleslaw recipe

DIY Sweet Coleslaw Recipe With Mayo

Do you want to taste a restaurant-like sweet coleslaw recipe? You can definitely make it home and taste the sweetest coleslaw like you have ever tasted in a restaurant. It brings also the taste of Bar...

Vegetarian slow cooker recipe

Healthy Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipe For Beginners

Vegetarian slow cooker recipe is often considered to cut the cooking budget by excluding meat and replace with veggies. This is may be true and maybe not. Did you realize one fact? Veggies can go to m...